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Anonymous: Is it hard to make friends during the program? I'm scared.

I’m really not great at making friends, and I tend to have a few really close friends, so this experience was very scary for me. That being said, I met some of the most incredible people, and everyone was very friendly. I also made one lifelong friend that I still talk to every day even though she lives four states away.

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moving on after cp life

I’m going to apply to be a campus representative starting this January!

I’ll keep you posted on the process :)

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Anonymous: What's your role?

Attractions - Pirates of the Caribbean!

Technically, I am now a seasonal Cast Member because I stayed ‘CT’ after my program ended. So I just have to work 150 hours a year and I keep my Cast Member benefits.

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danielledisney: I'm from Australia, hopefully will be getting an acceptance email this month :) I've never had a job or lived away from home before, do you think this program would be too hard to adjust to? I put merchandise as my top role and attractions as my second. Thanks!

Honestly it’s really similar to a dorm-type living situation, so they really make it easy to transition. All your roommates and everyone in your apartment complex will be doing the exact same thing you are, so that’s helpful. I do recommend having your parents ship your living stuff to you because buying it all in Florida can be a huge pain in the ass. The transition was really lonely for me at first, but once you start to make close friends from your work location, everything gets so much easier from there.

Also, none of the jobs are particularly difficult to learn how to do, the only thing that makes any CP jobs hard is dealing with grumpy park and resort guests.

Hope that helps! Keep the questions coming :)

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flashbacksand--echoes: hi there, i saw you're accepting questions about dcp and i had a few ones about the positions you can have! first of all, what does FSF&B? I know it has something to do with food, but. And also I was wondering if you knew anything about the transportation position, like what they do there? thanks for your help in advance :3


FSF&B is full-service food and beverage, meaning sit-down restaurants where your food is brought to you, versus qsfb (quick-service food and beverage) when you pick up your food at the order counter. I haven’t actually heard of any cps getting a job in FSF&B, but it would entail being a busboy/busgirl or host at a fancier restaurant. This would not mean being a waitress because CPs do not get tipped positions.

Transportation CPs basically direct guests in the parking lot and drive trams. Some transportation CPs can also work at helping guests get in and out of the monorail system.

If I had to recommend any position, it would be attractions for sure :)

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ask me questions!

those of you applying, interviewing, accepting, new to the program, thinking about the program, curious about the program, etc; ASK AWAY

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Happy 4th Everybody!!

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